Students Need Help.
You Want to Help.

Every year you hear of hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarship money that is not applied for. At the same time students are scrambling to pay for school.

Bridge to Tomorrow turns the scholarship process upside down. Rather than have students apply for dozens of scholarships — dozens of donors come to students.

Let’s Make Dreams Happen

Our dreamers have big plans, but sometimes it’s something as small as an application fee that can get in the way. Here are the various ways that our dreamers can get ahead. Whether you can give a lot or a little, every dollar makes an impact.

Application Fees



Room & Board

How It Works

  1. Students apply to become a dreamer
  2. We do the work of verifying information, grades, letters of recommendation, etc.
  3. You choose a dream to support

Our use of the term “dreamer” does not refer to undocumented students but to all students who need assistance to fulfill their higher education dreams

Meet Our Newest Dreamers

Don’t let a dream be just a dream.

You can give to a particular dream, or give to our general pool which will be given to urgent dreams.